I only provide shuttle services to parties that allow me to participate in their trip planning process. Even if the paddle party uses their own vessels, I require that the rules mentioned in my service contract be followed.

Those rules include:
1. All paddlers agree to wear life vests while paddling.
2. Paddlers agree to call or text me when they arrive at their destination platform and when they leave for their next platform . 

3. Paddlers agree not to change their paddle route/plan without notifying me first.

Knowing in advance, the location of paddlers, helps to improve my chances of reaching them quickly, in the event of  an emergency.
Being a part of the planning process will allow me to help you make your adventure safer, more practical, and more enjoyable.

During the planning process:
           * We will review maps, distances, and paddle time requirements.
           * We will discuss risks that exist on the river.
           * We will discuss currents, water levels, and weather concerns.
           * I will point out interesting landmarks that the paddler might otherwise miss.
           * Some paddlers find peace in knowing that someone with 40 plus years of river experience, knows                     where they are, has concern for their safety, is accessible by phone, and could reach them within a               relatively short period of time, should the need arise.

My minimum fee for providing these services is $100.