This is the WWII POW camp that was located directly across the street from the Williamston Wildlife Landing. Prisoners held at this camp built a Christmas nativity scene that was displayed for many years at the Williamston Town Hall.

An even earlier view of the river bridge and landing area.

This is a view of the old Roanoke River drawbridge. It was replaced a few years ago with the current "high rise".

My first memory of being on the Roanoke River was at age 13. Daddy had a homemade plank boat, powered by a 1953 Western Auto Wizard engine; the one he bought the year I was born. I remember being so excited as we buzzed down the river to check his perch nets. It was the beginning of my life long fascination with this river; the one that some call "North Carolina's Amazon". My goal at Roanoke Outdoor Adventures is to help you experience this river and to make your experience a safe and enjoyable one.   Capt. Heber

This tug, "The Solicitor", would have pulled barges loaded with logs, lumber, fish, farm products,  or fertilizer up and down the river.