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Roanoke Outdoor Adventures

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on the lower Roanoke River and adjoining waters

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The River Called

The river called, or so I thought.
So, I paddled that beautiful stream.

My companions and I , the whole day sought,

The peace, the quiet, the birds, and the bream.

But the gift I will keep, from the river that day,

Is the love of my life, and the friends I have made.

(Written by paddler Fred Toms, following his participation in the 2011 Roanoke River Partners Paddle Days Event.)

Much of the fun and adventure taking place on the lower Roanoke River, would not be  possible if not for the efforts of                                                and the cooperation of landowners such as 

     Spring is here, but the

     dangers  of cold water are still


  * Even more reason to wear a pfd.

  * Make sure sleeping bag and dry 

    clothes are in a waterproof bag

    and tethered to vessel.  A dry

    sleeping bag can be a life saver

    for a wet and frigid paddler.

 * Consider carrying YOUR dry

    clothes in your partner's vessel.

 * Don't bring small children until

     the water is warmer.

 * Don't hesitate to call the Captain

    for help, if someone in your party

     gets wet and shows the slightest

     sign of hypothermia.

   As of April 9, 2019, Roanoke River 

   water is at or below 60 degrees. 

   Hypothermia is still a risk to be